Sunday, May 10, 2015

Weekendus Evaporatus

Today was not just spring, it was summer. I was hot. I am not complaining, you know. I believe we will be getting back to spring, and then probably bouncing back and forth, but I enjoyed today. I also enjoyed the brunch I went to, and time spent eating good food and catching up with friends. And then the quiet time with cats. And getting things done, here and there. I did a decent job on the list this weekend.

The other night, I took the new TV out of the box, and it looks undamaged from its uncushioned-box-within-a-box ride. Can't be sure until it's set up, I guess, but in any case it is a wee bit bigger than the old one; here it is, on the floor in front, with Belmont for scale.

It's "only" 40 inches, but I feel that's enough of a jump for me. I need to pace myself. Plus, any bigger and it would take over the room. If this room doesn't give off a proper "living room" vibe, I want it to say library, not theater.

In further good news, the stand fits nicely on top of the bookcase I intended to be the new TV table.
And, Belmont wants you to know, that's not the only thing that fits.
The woman who sold me the bookcase threw in the four white inserts, which are flimsy paperboard but hey, I'll take them. I put two into the office, figuring the cats would want to investigate the lower part of the bookcase, but apparently Belmont feels called to that particular square. Twice, the insert was pushed back, so I took it out, and the next thing I know...


Blogger Leslie said...

As the "last in" cat, Belmont probably feels entitled to claim a space in this new bookcase. And you have to admit it's a perfect color and size.

11:27 AM, May 11, 2015  

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