Thursday, May 28, 2015

Optical Report

I had my eye appointments after work tonight--eye doctor and contact lens guy--they're father and son, and I got my first glasses, at age 7, from the previous generation--I trust them, is what I'm saying. I didn't even bitch too much when it turned out that it was a dilating-drops year (although the effect still hasn't fully worn off, a few hours later). I think they were even more pleased than I am that things are going well: stable prescription, no problems, all that.

In fact, my corneas are apparently "pristine", John said they were the best he'd seen today, and for someone who's worn contacts for 30 years, that's quite good. He's been monitoring a spot for years where a blood vessel was poking in where it shouldn't be, and now he can't see where that spot was, it's all healed. Here's to contact lens technology and its continued improvements.

In totally unrelated news, I am sad to say that it's true what they say, you can't "catch up" on lost sleep and nor can you bank it for future use. Over the long weekend I had three glorious nights of 11 hours of sleep, it felt fabulous, and as soon as the work week started up, I'm back to my usual sleepy self.
I've said it before, the only time I ever get enough sleep is when I'm not working. And god knows, I don't want to get laid off again (ever, in fact), but there was that side to it.


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