Thursday, May 07, 2015

Mother's Day--Check!

My mother isn't big into celebrating Mother's Day*, but naturally one does want to do a little something. I called her tonight to explain how this year, I was managing to celebrate both early and late, which is quite a feat, I think you'd agree. Here's how:
  • I have a little box to mail ... that I haven't mailed yet, so that part will be late. (Content revealed after delivery.)
  • But tonight, I booked a trip to see her for a week this summer ... so that's early! And makes us both very happy.
*For the record, I'm not knocking a big Mother's Day celebration. Ideally, both the mothers and the children are happy with whatever celebration happens, and in my family, we've managed that. I wish you all the same. Or the equivalent: if you don't have your mother, hang in there; I'll be with you on Father's Day. Or, if you don't have a good relationship with her, this time of year must suck for you, too, and I'm sorry about that. Life, you know?

Now that I have tied myself in knots trying to cover everything ... I'm off to eat something and watch hockey.


Blogger Alice said...

i send my mom flowers every year, which i thought she could frankly take or leave... until the one year the florist screwed up the delivery, and she was DEVASTATED that we didn't get her flowers that year. good to know! flowers every year! check!!

4:46 PM, May 08, 2015  

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