Sunday, May 31, 2015


It's a month until I go on vacation, and man, am I ever ready for it. Like, now. My brain feels overloaded with Things. It's probably partly, right now, because of end-of-weekend feelings, but still. I just feel like all effort, no results.
I guess it's just a blah day; everyone has them sometimes. Today's rain, while much needed here, was unpleasant to run errands in, and the cool weather of course is not what I like. I keep seeing father's day marketing. The hockey season will be over in 4-7 more games. Like that.

But it hasn't been a totally bad weekend; last night I had dinner with a friend, and we got ice cream after, and watched a movie on my new TV, so all that was very fun. The errands I did today weren't fun, exactly, but they were necessary, and I got them done in spite of the weather--though, seriously, when I got home I took my jeans and socks off in the kitchen so I wouldn't track puddles everywhere. Lots of rain.

Anyway. I'm fine. Just tired. And really, what else is new?
Here's hoping it's a good week, at least. Good weeks for everyone!


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