Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Right, a quick couple of things

*Since I dressed for the office today (two long-sleeve shirts, cords, wool socks--and at work I was wearing a scarf!), I was woefully overdressed for the real world today. Especially as the chiropractor's a/c was broken! I was very glad to get home and into a t-shirt and shorts, and bare feet. Why do cats get extra-cuddly when it's so hot? And, kudos to me, I ate my melting popsicle without dripping on my shirt.

*It occurred to me to ask you smart people if any of you know why a weird tech thing happened, since I can't remember if I mentioned it when it did. Last summer, in response to something I read about making one's wi-fi network more secure, I changed my network name and password (to something I could actually recognize/remember). A while later, maybe a couple of weeks, I started having some problems (like not being able to print) that turned out to be because the network had reverted back to the old name and password. Is that a thing that happens? Is it a Verizon thing? Did I do something wrong? If I try again, will it revert back again? Anyone know?

*Does anyone want to try the Blue Apron offer, before I cancel my service? Speak now (well, by the weekend) or forever hold your peace.

*Any other Real Genius fans out there, you'll enjoy this. It was enough to get me to put the DVD in my Amazon basket.

*Finally, did I mention what my grandmother said, when I asked her what I could knit her for her birthday? "Something to scare them," them being the people who work at the home. Nice, right? Well, I thought about it, and decided, she's 101, if that what she wants ... so, if you're squeamish about spiders, don't scroll down, close the blog and come back tomorrow!

Still there?

Are we clear?

OK, I found a pattern for a tarantula. I will be knitting one of these:
Yuck! If that isn't love, I don't know what is.


Blogger Leslie said...

While that might give the caregivers a start, imagine if they walked in and found her wearing this over her dress, or under it if they were to help her change... http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/booby-trapthe-carpets-next

11:14 PM, May 26, 2015  

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