Monday, May 25, 2015

Briefly, Of Chocolate

Three-day weekends are longer than the usual, obviously, but end just as abruptly. It's over? Really? I can't sleep 11 hours tonight?

Ah well. It's been a good weekend overall, even if I didn't get All The Things accomplished (I have such grandiose plans for long weekends).

Saturday's tour of the Taza chocolate factory in Somerville was a high point, well worth the city driving (I am SO not a city mouse; the GPS makes it possible, but not easy [Boston is a challenge to such technology]). I highly recommend the tour, if you have the chance.
The tour itself was informative about the general stone-ground chocolate-making process, and about the history of Taza specifically. What goes on in here, for instance?
The sampling, particularly in the gift shop, was a wonderful way to find favorites. Two thumbs up.

And now, well, I have to prepare myself for the week ahead. Sad sigh. Carlos is going to be so disappointed in me; he thought we had reached a new understanding, which does not involve me leaving him very often. If at all.


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