Monday, May 04, 2015

Outside, and In

Work was very Mondayish in its Mondayness today, but other than that? Fantastic day.

I ate lunch outside for the first time in many months, and the weather was simply beautiful.

After work, with a little time before stitch and bitch, I sat outside and just gloried in being comfortably outside in a sleeveless shirt. The sunlight through the new leaves just unfurling was tremendously satisfying.

Then, when I got to SnB, our regular spot had put out their patio furniture, and I sat outside, so, so happily, in the sun; it was kind of windy this evening, but so nice. Blissful, really.

Look what the car said at 5:15:
84 degrees! And when I got home, at 7:30, the sun was down but it was still light.
And 78 degrees! Wowza.
In inside news, on Saturday I went and got one more bookcase from someone on Craig's list. I don't have to make room in the office for this one, since the plan is to have it in the living room.

See the kind-of-big table that the TV is on?
Well, this weekend I finally ordered a new TV to replace this one (hey, it's only 25 years old, I kept waiting for it to die...), and I understand that TVs these days aren't as deep? So they tell me. Therefore, my plan is to put the new one on the bookcase instead, and move the table elsewhere. We'll see if that works out as I envision.

In other inside news, I got progress pictures of the latest socks. The purse pair is halfway through the second:
And the bike socks pair, in the Bruins-tastic yarn I got at Rhinebeck, is nicely into the first sock. Most of it is doing an almost check pattern:
But since it's actually, not black and gold, but black and gold and grey, it's got a funny pooled grey stripe running around.
Yarn is funny. I don't mind.
And the last note, when I changed the sheets this weekend, I neglected to consult Carlos's schedule first.
And he wasn't planning to leave his corner just then, thank you.

Of course I waited. You know how I am. And what was the hurry?


Blogger Leslie said...

The cat is more important, you are totally correct.

This weather is teasingly glorious - I'm afraid we'll be sorely disappointed in a few days but will take what I can get while I can.

3:52 PM, May 05, 2015  

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