Saturday, April 05, 2014

Let Me Sum Up: Comments, Knitting (Socks and Other)

First let me say, in response to Melissa's comment on my last post, I could not agree more: it IS pathetic that I should be happy it's not snowing, like that's an achievement in April. And the fact is (she said while knocking vigorously on wood, throwing salt over her shoulder, and spinning in circles), it hasn't been snowing a lot lately. It's just that the cold has been so lingering, winter so obviously Not Done With Us, that we're all quite jumpy about it.

(And while I'm responding to old comments, I was digging through the ridiculousness that is my e-mail inbox [which, since I tend to *mean* to respond to things right away, but often don't, requires a good whack with a machete on a regular basis] and came across a comment from ZaftigWendy about an image I put up here [back in February, ulp], wanting to share it. Thing is, I didn't make it, so I don't feel I should take credit for it! I first saw it on Facebook myself, but I don't remember from where. I did a reverse-image google search, and it comes up in a few places, so I don't know who should get credit. So, if you're reading, I have no problem with you using it [and if you want to say you got it from me, that's fine, just not made by me], but that's easy for me to say. Do as you like.)

Right, what was I going to write about, before I distracted myself with parentheses? Oh, yes, socks!

Just to be clear from the start, it's not all a tale of woe. I finished the latest purse socks in Florida.
They turned out quite nicely. The usual Skyp pattern, and yarn I got at Rhinebeck in 2012 (Biltmore Wool Barn, the tag says), a merino-nylon-cashmere blend that feels nice without feeling so overly soft you worry about wear. And the pair took just over half the skein, so enough for another slightly shorter pair.

Which, in fact, I started while I was there. But first, about the other sock project I brought with me. Remember the yellow-and-green yarn from before I went away? That I ripped? For a second time? As I said, I cast it on smaller, and "Hopefully that won't be too big, because if it is, the yarn may have to hibernate until I can figure it out." So, guess what's hibernating? This yarn.
Just not working out. And I like the pattern! (I like the yarn too, but it's going to sit for now.) I'll have to try it again sometime. Meanwhile, it wasn't going to work with the thinner periwinkle yarn (at least, not without adjusting, and I didn't wanna), so I chose another of Wendy Johnson's patterns, Seaweed Socks, and cast that on instead. There was a size with 66 stitches, and since the finished ones above had 64, that seemed like it would be close enough to work. Pretty, right?
However. Look at it on the right, and the Skyp on the left.
Unbelievably, too big. Frog time!

I cast on the small size today. For my nine-and-a-half-wides! I don't claim to understand what's going on. I wonder what will happen with these? Since it's still too early to tell.
I just wanted to get this to the point of being purse knitting, since for an appointment this morning I had to fall back on my emergency back-up sock (I looked back and I don't seem to have blogged about the sock I started after Christmas, where I wasn't loving how it was coming out, so I stuck it in with the sock yarn for when I needed "something ready to go."). Once this one was this far along, I put it aside again, and went back to Grandma knitting.

For the upcoming hundredth birthday, I'm making her a bunch of little things, more decorative than useful per se. The first thing I did was a doily-ish version of one of the washcloths I made for Christmas. Here is it blocking.
Next up, a modified version of the cloth I made Mary Ellen for her birthday this year. Finished it today, though I haven't made the modifications yet (figure that one out).
So I want to get on that, and cast on the next thing. And as Carlos just came by calling for my company, I will stop here. I got some cute pictures of him earlier, perhaps they will go up tomorrow. For now, the real thing needs me. Good night!


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You are such a beautiful knitter. Really, everything looks amazing. Inspiring!

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