Sunday, April 27, 2014

Can It Be?

Sunday evening already? Really? How?

It's been a good weekend, really, other than the weather, which has been perfectly charming if you happen to like 45 and rainy. I had coffee with a former co-worker, got groceries, made that pasta pesto bake I like so much, read a lot, and had a ton of cat snuggling time.

I paid the bills, did the dishes, put away laundry, that kind of fun stuff. The temporary crown on my tooth doesn't exactly hurt any more, but it is annoying and discomfiting and I am more than ready to be able to eat a thing without thinking about how hard to chew it is.

I also watched the Bruins win yesterday, taking the series and moving on to face Montreal in the next round, which is nerve-wracking given the history of the rivalry, but does at least mean I get to hear their anthem a few times (Montreal's the only Canadian team that made the playoffs this year). That series won't start until next weekend sometime, so the team can rest up and I can face the week without worrying about fitting games into my schedule.

I managed not to worry too much about the upcoming interview, though I'm sure I will get nervous in the hours before. I look forward to having the time set, so I can plan for that.

Finally, here's a photo I took last weekend, in a restaurant.
Apparently, one of the "signs that a person can't speak, breathe or cough" is that the "person cannot breathe, cough or speak". How very circular.

What, you wanted a more entertaining picture? How about this?
Not so nice, is it, to mock the ducks for being slow? I mean, they have short legs.

Oh, a prettier picture? Would you settle for atmospheric?
OK, seriously, then, my uncle brought Grandma a picture of my grandfather from around the time my mother was born. Wasn't he debonair?
Quite the dashing figure, eh?


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