Wednesday, April 30, 2014

No News. Blather.

No news today, so let's talk of something else. I bet I can come up with multiple somethings!

For instance, I read (on Dave Barry's blog) of this man who lets bees sting him for scientific purposes (his purposes, not the bees' purposes)(are we all in agreement that he's kind of nuts?), and although I am not a man, I was greatly interested to read the sentence that Dave called out:
'A sting to the scrotum is painful but the nose is far worse,' says scientist who let bees attack his body five times a day for research.
As a child, I was stung on the nose by a bee, and that has to be 35 years ago but I vividly remember how incredibly painful it was. How validating to read this!

Another something: fascinating story via NPR that has this headline:
Lab Rats May Be Stressed By Men, Which May Skew Experiments
Can you pass that by? Just wild, the stuff they're figuring out.

Another, unrelated something: my wardrobe has been lacking updates recently, something I didn't really think about until my mother brought me a sleeveless top and sweater set she found, and I was terribly pleased to have something new to brighten things up. I even wore it on Monday, despite recognizing that a sleeveless top and three-quarter sleeve sweater were unlikely to be enough in my office (and I did in fact end up wearing a fleece over them for most of the day). They're from Talbot's, and what do I see in this morning's newspaper but that Talbot's is having a sale tomorrow? Perhaps I will stop in after work.

A hockey something: every year in the playoffs, when teams are eliminated, Puck Daddy has someone write a eulogy of them--someone not fond of the team, that is (as it says at the top of each post, "This is a roast and you will be offended by it, so don't take it so seriously"). Of course, I enjoyed the recent Red Wings eulogy, written by the crew at Stanley Cup of Chowder, but my favorite part was that they showed the Red Wings' scoring in the playoffs, and put in Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask where he would fall on that list.
He had one assist in the series, and that was more points than, oh, two thirds of Detroit's players? Hee hee.

Now, his lordship is letting me know it's time to get off the computer. And after all:
You know it's true.


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