Monday, April 14, 2014

Random Photo Time

What has my camera seen, around and about lately?

Well, there was this gift bag that I saw when looking for one for Grandma. I so would have gotten this for my dad. Sad smile. He would have loved that.
There was this cartoon my mother sent, which so speaks to me in this era of passwords:
There was this unusual sign, seen in downtown Needham:
Is it meant to be a traffic sign? You've got me.

I went out west on Saturday to visit a friend, and you know, once you're going outside 495, you might as well combine it with a trip to Webs, right? Particularly when you have a gift card hoarded from your birthday.

I got a few tools:
More DPN protectors, and needle tips. I also got a circular needle, in rare-for-me metal, to replace this one:
Which apparently did not enjoy being in my purse. Sigh. Perhaps metal will be wiser. Anyway, I'm trying square needles for the first time.
So far, so good. And the sock does not seem to be too big so far, thankfully. It was getting ridiculous, this process. Though I should bring some other sock yarn with me next weekend, in case I change my mind on that when I get farther along.

And you know I got some yarn as well. Manos del Uruguay Fino, lovely and soft and (unsurprisingly) blue:
And some happily/unhappily-on-sale Blue Moon Marine Silk Sport, also unsurprisingly blue:
Lovely stuff, but it was only on sale because Webs isn't going to carry Blue Moon yarn any more, which is terribly sad. They were my "see it in person" source outside Rhinebeck, which after all is only once a year. I don't know why they are making the change; I know that Blue Moon is going to be sold in a few more shops than it used to be (worldwide, that is), so the change could be part of that, but I hope it will appear somewhere else near me. Maybe Coveted will get it! That would be awesome.

My camera has also caught someone with a complaint.
And on another day, when his complaint was that I was bothering him.
His is a hard life.


Blogger Leslie said...

Wow -- I was at WEBS Saturday too. We parked next to a car with a just picked up Labradoodle puppy and had a nice visit with him and his people while their friend was inside. Then I went inside and looked for summer sock yarn.

Did you hear back yet from the company that contacted you?

8:13 PM, April 14, 2014  

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