Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Quick Sock Toe

It is now Thursday evening.

I leave for Florida verrrrrrry early on Saturday (not complaining, just saying).

Which means that I have plenty to do tonight, and probably will not even blog tomorrow night. Will I blog from Florida? Only time will tell. This may be it for March here, or it may not.

No pressure!

But I do need to get it in gear here. Let me just show you a quick sock toe.
See Carlos disapproving of it. Why, you ask? Well, it's too big. See?
It's only a medium (this pattern), but clearly I don't need that much extra room in my socks. Which meant it went to the frog pond. It's too bad, really. See how pretty the pattern is?
And what a lovely cast-on toe. If I do say so myself. (It's Judy's Magic Cast-on.)
But fear not, I cast it on again last night, in a small. Hopefully that won't be too big, because if it is, the yarn may have to hibernate until I can figure it out.

Now, to go tell this guy that no, my entire evening will not be spent catering to him.
He isn't going to be happy.


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

That was a very nice sock toe! Hopefully the small will work. Otherwise, smaller needles maybe?

And Carlos also has some very nice toes.

7:24 PM, March 20, 2014  
Blogger Kate P said...

Cute colors! Happy Florida!!!

5:33 PM, March 26, 2014  

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