Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday Afternoon, Getting Things Done

So far, I do not have a panicked look on my face, though I still love this Sheldon cartoon:

(Click on it to see it bigger)

Kind of true... But mostly, I'm tidying more than cleaning. Things pile up, when you live alone, and especially when you would rather sit knitting or reading than get things put away. As I read elsewhere this week:
"Company coming is our motivation to attend to all those little things we've been meaning to do."
So there I am. Not panicked, but busy. Some errands, a little laundry, dishes, rearranging. My mother tells me not to worry about it on her behalf, and I mostly don't: as I told her, I'm not cleaning the top of the stove (and, frankly, it needs it). But I will do a few things. In an unworried way.

The Bruins won this afternoon; they shouldn't have had to go to overtime to do it, but I'll take it. I follow a bunch of NHL blogs (official and not), but in general when I get busy, I don't always read that much detail that isn't Bruins-specific. I've noticed quite a lot of, "Wow, the Western Conference is so strong," coverage this year, and let it go in one ear and out the other. This week, though, I noticed that the Bruins, who moved into the top of the Eastern Conference after Tuesday's game, were still only ninth in the league overall. Eight teams in the West have more points than the top of the East? Eight? Okay, then. West is strong. I get it now.

There has been knitting progress this week. Last night, I kitchenered the sock toe on the bike (and started to cast on the second sock), meaning I finished one sock on the bike in about three months. Not so bad, actually. What, you want to see it? Sure! Whole sock:
 And from top
 To bottom
 As well as the turn.
Ta da! That's hours of exercise, that is. And a nice, soft sock.

After my long day Thursday, I was still tired yesterday. In fact, I was so sleepy at work that in the afternoon, so I got out the MP3 player in an attempt to get myself moving; a one-person dance party. Unfortunately, the headphones rubbing against the zipper of my jacket somehow made a noise/vibration that drove me INSANE. I had been pleased because it was merely chilly and not freezing in the office, but after that, ugh. The fact that I had a fleece over a hoodie over a long-sleeved shirt over a t-shirt, only to achieve "not freezing," seemed less like a win.

I put my scarf on, and that kept the wires from rubbing on the zipper, and the music helped me wake up. Still, how ridiculous.

Random thought: Periodically, I check the website of the cat rescue place that took Miri back, but she still isn't listed there. Perhaps they are not finding it quite as easy to make her the perfect, social, adoptable animal as they thought they would. They were certainly full of ideas when I dropped her off! But that's a month ago (praise the heavens), and yet, no listing. Interesting, eh?

Right, I'm off to put dinner together. Happy Saturday night, all!

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Blogger Kate P said...

Maybe she's not listed because someone filched her for him/herself. . . we can hope!

7:04 PM, November 24, 2013  
Blogger goosefairy said...

I had the same thought as Kate there. When we got our dog from the local rescue she hadn't been there long enough to get listed on their website, so it's possible.

10:08 AM, November 25, 2013  

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