Sunday, November 03, 2013

Mostly Photos: Cat, Scarf, Leaves

I went to post from the iPad last night, nothing urgent, just a little video I'd made of Carlos, but it wouldn't work, the video and the iPad-Blogger thing. I thought I'd done that before, but either I didn't, or something changed. Anyway, sorry to deprive you of his cuteness. Here.

In the week since we became Miri-less, he's been very cuddly and snuggly, but of course I had just been away, which usually ups his snuggle requests for a while. We'll see if over the coming weeks he settles back down. Not that I mind the cuddling! I love it, I just can't be at his beck and call 24-7.

It's been a decent weekend, and I've gotten a fair bit done, but it gets late and I'm tired, so I will leave you with pictures. The scarf I made for my friend's grandson:
Pattern: based on this one, but with the "keyhole" idea taken from this one. Yarn: Lion Brand Hometown USA, which produced a lovely squishy fabric on the big needles.

A recent Ridiculous Packaging Award winner. Look how deep the box is, and how not full!

Pretty leaves. It's getting colder and all, ugh, but it is still lovely around here.
The recent windiness threw leaves everywhere, and I was amused by how they stuck in my stoop.
More leaves, still on the tree.
And even in the rain this morning, beauty in the drops trembling on the wires.
Click on the photo to make it big. See? On the black wire?


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I see!!! Very cool.

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