Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Forcing Thoughts of Sunshine

Today wasn't a great day; nothing bad happened, or nothing new anyway (brrrr), but I was just down about the job situation generally*; one of those days when I was hearing Gary Larson's angels. However! There are plenty of good things about having a blog, like keeping records of when things happened, and of course, having a place to complain! But sometimes, even I get sick of my own complaining (almost as sick as I am of having things to complain about), and it's time to focus on something more cheery. That's not the Bruins, not today (ugh), but on Sunday I was outside walking somewhere, and saw some prettiness. Shall we open the camera?
*Another person is leaving; this one doesn't upset me specifically, but it sure is a bad sign, isn't it?

It was really chilly out, but sunny, and isn't sunny nice? Just looking at things at a walking pace was a nice change. Mind you, my feet were slightly tender when I got home, after half an hour max, so clearly regular distance walking isn't something I'll be doing, but I like it for once in a while.

This first one actually isn't from my walk. I know, I'm breaking my own set-up! This was driving to work yesterday, and I liked the red-orange to gold to yellow to green swath.
 The rest of them really are from the walk. Honest.

As the first, rogue picture shows, it's still sunny on weekday mornings, but that will be ebbing away soon, and I'll be desperate for sunny weekends for a while to come. Oh, winter. Me no likey.

How's the time change treating you, if you're in a place that does it? I wish they'd stop bothering, myself, but for me, fall is the easier season, since it makes it a little easier for me to get up in the morning, which is most welcome (and unusual). Springing forward just about kills me; falling back, not so much. Well, other than the headlight thing. It's close to dark when I get out of work, so I'm getting used to lots of headlights in my eyes all of a sudden (there's a reason I want my next car to be higher up), as well as the idiots who don't turn their lights on because they apparently don't feel they need them. Hint: the lights don't just help you see, they help you be seen. This is also important. Theoretically.


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