Thursday, November 07, 2013

Quick and Tired

It's awkward, trying to type and knock on wood simultaneously, but it was not freezing at work today. It wasn't warm, mind you, but "it's slightly chilly, perhaps I'll put on the fingerless gloves" is a vast improvement over recent days. What will tomorrow be like? Who knows. Perhaps the only thing more "fun" than the freezing is uncertainty. Also, it occurred to me this morning that with the extra layers I've been wearing to work all week, I'll have an extra load of laundry to do this weekend. Great.

Every once in a while, I'm reminded that Miri is no longer my problem. I think, hmmm, I should check Carlos to see if his claws need trimming, and it breaks over me that I don't have to sneak up on, manhandle, and wrestle with a cat, and be pleased if no blood is shed in the process. When his lordship is unhappy with the process, he ... wiggles. Ahhh.

It's been a couple of weeks since the doctor put me on medication (an ACE inhibitor) to try to lower my blood pressure. I took my bp last night and it was much lower than it has been over the last year, so that's good; maybe we won't need to mess around with types and doses. On the other hand, I do notice a bit of the cough he told me might happen, particularly when I'm lying down, so that's kind of annoying (though probably less dangerous than the high blood pressure would be). I'm reminded of the cough because I was just lying down for a few minutes, and I want to ask him when I go back whether fatigue could be a side effect. I'm never not tired, really, other than when I've been out of work and able to sleep longer at night, but I feel that it's been rather excessive lately. Could be a coincidence, sure, but I don't normally lie down after work because sitting up is too tiring.

Time to watch the Bruins game. Please let the team I know show up tonight!


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