Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Here I Am! Weather, Hockey on my Mind

I hadn't meant to not blog last night, but it was after 8 when I got in, and Carlos was very, very happy to see me and get attention, and I just didn't turn the computer on. It feels funny to miss a day, somehow; this is one habit that's become pretty ingrained. If I could just get exercising so firmly fixed in my day!

Still Complaining About the Cold
No, not outside, though it is around freezing these days, which I could do without (seven weeks to Florida!). It's the temperature inside the office, still, that's on my mind.

When I got to my desk Monday morning, the thermometer read 66 degrees. I moved it over to an interior desk, and by mid-morning it was at 72. Ridiculous. I moved it back in the afternoon, and it started dropping again, down to 68. Which doesn't sound that cold, I guess, but even with my coat on, I was so cold where the coat didn't cover that it was hard to concentrate. On the way home, I had to change the radio station to avoid hearing "cold as ice" because it felt like insult added to injury. Kristin Cashore has been posting lovely photos of her travels in Iceland, and the ice in them is turning me off the beauty.

I'm looking for a new job anyway, for many reasons, but when I (oh please, oh please, let it be soon) find another one, I'm tempted to tell this one that I wanted to move on because I was sick of being cold all the time.

This morning when I got in, it was 65, but the boss mentioned in passing that they had tried to adjust the thermostat (gasp! what a concept! could it be that she values her employees? [naaaahhhhh*]) so maybe it would be warming up. Well, 69 by noon isn't all that much of an improvement, if you ask me. Considering that I was wearing long unders (top and bottom), corduroys, wool socks, boots, a turtleneck, a sweater, fingerless gloves, a shawl over my lap, and the mink shawl wrapped around and around my neck, and was only just teetering on the edge of "not too cold to concentrate"? Not much of an improvement. Does anyone remember me complaining this much last winter? I should go back and look.
*Is it passive-aggressive of me to think that she should be doing something about this? When multiple people are cold enough to wear their coats in the office? We shouldn't have to ask/tell her to do something, should we?

If you're a Bruins fan, I don't have to tell you that they played an awful game on Saturday. I hope they shake off whatever ails them soon; that's no fun to watch. Dallas is in town tonight, first game since the big summer trade. Fingers crossed!

I was trying to knit something new during the game Saturday, and came to the conclusion that I'd messed it up before the game ended. Since I did the same thing with a different project during Wednesday's game, I'm putting a new rule in place, for now anyway: no challenging knitting during hockey games. New patterns, new techniques, challenges can be good things, but work on them when you can concentrate.

My, but there are a bunch of things I want to start these days, though. Start-itis much? One thing I'm looking at should be pretty mindless once I get it going, though. Hopefully.


Blogger Leslie said...

I don't recall you complaining about the cold at your desk last year. You don't mention wearing a hat[ you know you loose a lot of body heat through your head, so why is that missing?

Would it be breaking any rules to bring a small space heater in? I know I've had to use them in various jobs over the years.

Meanwhile, I shall picture you working up a sweat tonight while on your bike.

8:13 PM, November 05, 2013  

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