Saturday, November 09, 2013

Apply, Bike, Zzzz

There was a whole list of things I want to get done this weekend, and I didn't get to many of them today, but for a really good reason: I finally found a job to apply for, and spent most of the morning working on my resume and cover letter. Once I sent them in, I managed to get a few other things done, but tomorrow looks slightly daunting from here. Oh well, take it one thing at a time. It's been discouraging, all the looking and ruling out listings as not even worth applying for; finding a good one is heartening even if nothing else comes of it.

It crossed my mind that I may in fact get an interview from them, just because I have a monster zit coming up on my face. I mean, wouldn't that figure? But probably the auto-reply e-mail I got is all I'll hear. Still, it's something.

My brother sent me a link to an interesting article about the mental aspects of exercise, which made me realize that I do sometimes pep-talk myself while I'm riding the bike ("Doing well, keep going," that kind of thing. I also thought about how when I'm at a turning point in the sock, like trying to get around the heel or something, I sometimes ride longer because I'm trying to get to a certain point, whereas I don't tend to push myself as hard when I'm just at a round-and-round part. So Thursday night, I pep-talked myself more consciously, and also incorporated the sock into that ("One more round!"), and did in fact go for longer than I've been managing lately. Interesting; we'll see how that goes. (I didn't ride last night; I'm about to get on tonight, despite being pooped; there may not be enough pep in my talk to make a difference, but just getting on is an achievement tonight.)

I'm also fitting into a pair of jeans* that until recently were too tight for me, which is another kind of motivation. I haven't lost much weight, that's for sure, but something is happening. It's a relief to be in these jeans**, as for a while I was in an awkward place where they were too tight, but the ones I was wearing were really too loose, and that's no fun. I get really sick of pulling up my jeans all the time.
*They're Lands End jeans, though if I remember correctly I got them at Building 19, a few years back. And that makes me sad, because Building 19 is closing its stores. Another childhood memory+ goes!
**Not literally, as they are still snug, but metaphorically; we'll hope that literally follows. Soon. Oof.
+I mean the memory of going there with my mother. Clearly I still shop there, since that's what started this whole cascade of footnotes off.

Someone at work recently referred to something that's happening Monday, which is November 11, as happening on "corduroy day," which was a new one to me; I don't know how I missed hearing about it a few years ago, on 11/11/11. I found the idea very amusing, kind of like how I love calling December 23rd Christmas Adam (because it's the day before Christmas Eve).

Well, I may have missed 11/11/11*, but this year we get 11/12/13, in the US anyway; I know that day would be 12/11/13 in the UK. What do other countries do, formatting dates? Anyone know?
*In terms of calling it corduroy day, that is; certainly I was around for the actual day

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Blogger goosefairy said...

I feel you on that monster zit. When we were planning on moving to Maryland from Texas I had an interview at NASA(!) and got a huge one right over my upper lip. It was totally stress related. I did get the job so I guess it didn't count against me.

I've got my fingers crossed for you on your job hunt.

11:14 AM, November 10, 2013  
Blogger Mary Ellen said...

I like Christmas Adam!

7:15 PM, November 10, 2013  

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