Thursday, November 21, 2013

Up Early, Home Late

Very tired! I got in to work late (like, lunch time) today, having gone to Worcester this morning to provide moral support to a friend at court (her husband can't be her ex-husband soon enough, I'm just saying), and it was surprisingly discombobulating to arrive at what should be the middle of the day. I stayed late, if not as late as I arrived (I'll make up more time tomorrow), and now I'm going to collapse on the couch, staring vacantly at the Bruins game while petting the kitty.

That is, I'm going to do that after I ask you a question. Yes, you! What do you think? I want to know. The boss sometimes will forward a message to all of us from the office park people about fire alarm testing or some such thing that's happening, and I find it kind of weird that the woman who sends these messages signs them with "Warm regards". It doesn't strike me as business-like, somehow, between people who don't have a working relationship, anyway.

What do you think? Would you sign a message to numerous strangers that way? "Warm regards": skeevy or no? Discuss.


Blogger Kate P said...

It probably originated from some business etiquette course or book or something like that. I want to say there was an attorney or a representative we often worked with when I worked for the commercial real estate company (in my previous life) who signed something similar. We all just made fun of it and chortled because it sounded so insincere.

8:39 PM, November 21, 2013  
Blogger Leslie said...

"Warm regards", eh? I read that as "I'm warm and you're freezing. HA HA HA" in the winter and "I'm nice and cool while you're in the 5th level of hell" in the summer.

This IS the office park management we're talking about after all. If it were someone else I'd think it merely overblown and "regards" should be sufficient.

9:57 AM, November 22, 2013  
Blogger goosefairy said...

Bizarre. That's all I've got. Usually at my job, correspondence like that is just signed with the person's name.

11:21 AM, November 22, 2013  
Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Yeah, that's a little weird. My work's emails all have the automatic signature on them, so no one adds anything.

6:43 PM, November 22, 2013  

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