Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Trying to Turn that Frown Upside Down

I was so pleased when I got into work Monday morning and found that the office still wasn't cold, but as the day went on, the temperature dropped, so I put on first the scarf, and then fingerless gloves, and then a fleece ... by mid-afternoon, I was shivering, and given that it coincided with my editing a report that, although well written, was full of things to correct, the same mistakes that every new person is making and we keep having new people because the good people keep leaving, and fuck, I am so sick of telling people* not to start sentences with numbers, to use an n-dash and not a hyphen in a number range, that they're citing a source incorrectly, that every source they cite has to be in the bibliography**, that a company is singular (it, not they) ... well, my mood really bottomed out. This damned job, man. This damned job.
*And when you see the same mistake 100 times in a report, you start to feel like it's 100 mistakes, and that the writer isn't learning, and is an idiot, even when you know that isn't true.
**I can type "not in the biblio" in my sleep

I am currently struggling to express my feelings about it in work-appropriate language, as you can see, which makes discussing it at work challenging*. And since I can't talk about the job opportunity/interview/waiting to hear** situation at work either, obviously, I feel like I'm spending a lot of time ranting in my head about things. When you imagine saying "I hate this office" would be appropriate***, well, no. I'm sure that everyone is tired of me complaining (though I've been trying to suffer in silence), but I'm tired of being miserable, and of feeling like no one gives a shit that I'm miserable. So.
*At one point today I said flatly (more or less verbatim), "Yes. I am cold. That's why I put my coat on." While the inside of my head turned blue from what I wasn't saying.
**Still waiting; I know, the week isn't half over, but waiting is hard.
***Points for no profanity, and for saying "office" instead of "company"

Having been so cold yesterday, today I went back to wearing extra layers, hoping they wouldn't be necessary, but while it wasn't awful this morning, it again got colder in the afternoon. Watching the leaves of my plant waft in the breeze, the cold, cold breeze, the self-pity level was pretty high at my desk. I did get a good laugh when I got to the part of the report where she said that a drug was packaged with a "needless" reconstitution system, meaning "needleless", but otherwise not a great day. The Bruins pulled off a win last night, can they do it for me again tonight? It's silly, but I kind of feel like I need something to go right.

Wait, here's something good! A friend linked on Facebook to a Slate story about a company making kick-ass engineering toys for girls, and I loved it! Kudos to the Beastie Boys for letting their song be used, and nice use of pink toys in a Rube Goldberg machine, girls!

There's also one to We Are the Champions that I like almost as much.

I'd never heard of GoldieBlox, but clearly they rock.

And one final smile, from Puck Daddy, here is the ultimate "first NHL goal face."
I love it.


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I care :). Things will get better, I promise.

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