Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Update Update

Health Update
Still congested. Still coughing (having to pop a mentholated cough drop in the Starbucks line is really wrong). Still kind of tired, and totally really utterly sick of being sick. Day eleven!

Thumb Update
Still sore. Has a bruise, roughly an inch long and sort of arrowhead-shaped, at the base of the thumb. Really ready for that shot to work. Because it will work! The power of positive thinking will make it so!

Work Update
Um. I quote from the Miss Conduct chat last week; I think this says all I should say about work:
"Don't burn a bridge, even one that leads to the Isle of Idiot."
Evening Plans
Dinner is in the oven (chicken, which will accompany rice pilaf and peas). The Bruins game is on (they won on Saturday, playing their best solid game of the season; can they make it two in a row?). Have a pretty picture, and a nice evening.

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Blogger Kate P said...

So true about not burning bridges. . . but hopefully this means you are close to the other side!

12:25 AM, November 12, 2009  

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