Friday, November 20, 2009

Finally, Finally Friday

Well, this week has been a hell of a downer, hasn't it. Let's find some good news, shall we? There isn't much, but there's a little bit, and what with the major sorrow of losing Harold, and the minor but definite annoyance of my period coming this week with (naturally) more cramps and backache than usual, I need to look at sunshine (metaphorically speaking). And I don't just mean that the Bruins managed to win last night (just barely, in the shootout, but it counts). (Can they make it 2 in a row tonight?) (Odds are they can't, but one lives in hope.)

The biggest one, and I've almost overlooked this with everything else, has to do with that whole issue with my hand/thumb and the tendinitis and the shot, remember?

It seems to be ... better. The shot may have ... helped. Last I remember, I twanged the tendon viciously once over the weekend, and minorly a couple of times. I can't remember hitting it wrong on Monday. Since then? Not too bad. I stopped wearing the splint. And it seems to be ... not hurting. I don't feel that I have quite the full range of motion, but just not having that sudden intense pain is ... nice.

I would be much more excited, would care much more, except that since Harold died, it's kind of hard to find anything else very important. I don't feel much about this news. It's more like, intellectually, I know it's a good thing. I don't really care ... but I know I probably will, someday.

There's knitting, too. Monday at stitch and bitch, I wound this Rhinebeck yarn, with cowls in my mind:

Last night I cast on, experimenting. We're supposed to have sun this weekend, so hopefully I can get a good shot in progress. It's going pretty well so far.

Looking forward, I see a 2-day work week followed by five count 'em five days off. (Taking Wednesday as a vacation day, then Thursday and Friday we get for Thanksgiving.) Whew! Is that ever going to feel good. (Then it's three weeks of work followed by Christmas already, ack/yay combined.)

And looking yet farther ahead, the hockey fans among you (hello? anyone?) will already know that Boston is the site of this season's NHL outside game, the Winter Classic, on New Year's Day. It is rumored/assumed that tickets will be both wicked expensive and way hard to get, which is why when I heard that the Bruins alumni were having a game there January 2nd, with extremely reasonable prices, I decided, count me in for that! So will I see you at Fenway Park six weeks from Saturday?

I'm not the only crazy one, you know: the tickets went on sale to the public today, but they were pre-offered to season ticket holders yesterday, and sold 12,000. So there's that.

I'm off to watch the game. Thank you all for the kind words and well-wishes. It all helps. Have a good weekend!

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