Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday comes again

After a weekend of mostly cramps and headache, I feel like there should be an asterisk next to any claim I make to be feeling better. For now, oh fates! I am not tempting you. Just saying that right now, I feel a bit better, and yea, I am grateful.

It's been a pretty laid back weekend, given the lack of omph in the health department on top of the total bleah in the emotion department. For a day that was supposed to be sunny, it's been remarkably cloudy here today, as well, and at 3 PM I felt like it was hours later, the dark was so settled. Not a lovely thing, but at least it's early yet, the weekend is not quite over, I have time to get a few more things done. And on a gray November Sunday, that may be the best to be said.

And this seems to be all I have to say, so in closing I will share this video with you. If this guy didn't go out and buy a lottery ticket, I don't know why not. Perhaps because he used up the luck for all the rest of his whole life in less than thirty seconds?


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