Sunday, November 08, 2009

Finally, Some Improvement

No, I'm not 100% yet, but finally I'm feeling better. The congestion, though still with me, is breaking up (leading to that ultra-disgusting symptom, the "productive" cough, ew gross), and I summoned the energy to leave the house today.

In fact, I took myself to Outback for a yummy meal, then had the energy for a quick trip into Petsmart and a long trip into Walmart. I knocked the stuffing out of that list, man, though I didn't get everything. But when the bill is around $100 after the $14.20 in coupons is taken off, well, you know I got most of it.

Sadly, though, I learned that Wally-world doesn't put their shower curtain liners in the otherwise-ubiquitous plastic bags, but on little hangers. Harold would have been shocked! He will have to wait for a new bag a little longer.

The outing was good, but it about wore me out. I could totally use another day to this weekend.

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Blogger Kate P said...

Glad you're up and around now! Harold loves those bags? He would get along great with my sister's cat--the ones with the zippers, for sheet sets? She can't get enough of those. Not to chew, but to crawl inside and hang out.

5:41 PM, November 09, 2009  

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