Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Quick Update

Want to hear something weird?

I'm not feeling all that sick.

No, really, only two weeks of it and I feel like I may be mostly better. How funny is that?

Last night, I had enough energy to start a "rearrange the bedroom" project I thought of last weekend. I got the main pieces done, and am still working out the details. I like it better already, which is promising. The cats were very surprised, but they acclimated well, and are curled up together on the bed now. And the next time the sun comes out, whenever that is, and they can sleep on the bed in the sun, I expect their approval will be complete.

Today, of course, it poured. All day. But I got six loads of laundry done, all clothing, the size of the pile a result of not doing any laundry the last two weekends. I'm pretty tired now, but it's closer to a normal end-of-day tired than I've had recently. I look forward to couch and hockey game tonight. Tomorrow? Who knows.

But hope springs eternal, doesn't it?



Blogger Kate P said...

Yay for feeling good!

Isn't it funny how cats freak out when you move the furniture? What's up with that?

9:22 PM, November 14, 2009  

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