Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunny Saturday report

Yes, pictures below as promised, but first, another word about hockey, from the hockey blog Puck Daddy yesterday:
Last night was the best and worst night of the National Hockey League season. It was the best because we all got to see the greatest championship presentation in all of sports when the Stanley Cup was awarded to the Pittsburgh Penguins and skated around the ice at Joe Louis Arena. It's the worst because now we have to wait a whole three and a half months until another meaningful hockey game is played.
Right on.

Now, my Saturday. Stopping by the library first to return and pick up, I noticed some pretty flowers outside:

Aren't they lovely? I so appreciate a spot of beauty where there might easily be none.

Next, I went to a local pond that has a trail around it, making it a beautiful place to take a walk. And benches all along, for when you want to stop and soak in the view.

The summery scents of water and woods made me think of going to camp. There were other walkers, and people fishing, but it was still peaceful.

Well, except when I encountered someone on a cell phone. Good lord, people, turn it off! Look around you for a change.

More interesting flowers. See the bee on the left bloom?

I think this plant has a sense of humor.

I'm not sure if this one is poofing up or down, but I caught it in between.

The next time I see, "the pollen forecast for your area is high", I'm going to think of this:

Such a charming tribute, on one of the benches.

Now, I mentioned waterfowl. There were a few ducks, like this pair napping by the water's edge.

There were geese, like these enjoying the shade.

And these, out with the young family.

Cute little fuzzies!

Still, the swans were the highlight for me.

I don't often see them, so it was a treat. And guess what they had?

Babies! Young swans the size of adult ducks, only fuzzier.

Papa swan thought I had seen enough, so I decided to leave them to it. Boy, they're big!

It was a lovely day. It was raining again this morning, and though the sun is trying to come out now, the clouds to the west indicate that this will not last. I'm grateful for yesterday. The sun recharged my batteries, which were getting very, very low.

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Blogger Jess said...

The photos are gorgeous! And on the hockey thing, I say you hockey fans have it good. Only three and a half months of off-season? Other sports fans have to wait a lot longer than that between seasons!

11:11 AM, June 15, 2009  

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