Friday, June 12, 2009

At least I have the Cup

Today was not a good day at work.* Not A Good Day. But the sun was finally shining when I left work, and I have hockey to look forward to tonight.

*Two different people that I like both as people and as co-workers are leaving. I will miss them personally and professionally; also, the fact that they're both leaving makes me feel less sure of the company's condition. Like walking on Jell-o.

It's the last game of the season, whatever happens. It's game 7, for all the marbles, and the season will end tonight. It's even Friday, so I don't have to worry about staying up late and paying for it tomorrow.

And since I don't care who wins, I'll be happy no matter what. (Yes, I'd rather the Bruins were still in it, but as they're not, it's rather restful.) There should be good quality hockey, and then someone will get the Cup, hoist it over his head, skate it around.

I'll get to see that great hockey playoff ritual, the handshake line, and speculate on what players are saying when they linger longer than it takes to say, "Good game."

I will ignore the broadcasters interviewing players, asking the winners how it feels to win and the losers what they did wrong.

I'll look at the faces full of joy, the eyes full of light.

It will make a bad day better.

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