Monday, August 18, 2008

Today Could Have Been Worse

I picked a bunch more tomatoes today. See?

Yes, some of them are only slightly red. But seeing as I was laid off today, I wasn't sure when I'd next get up to the garden to pick, so I took everything that was even slightly red.

And more basil, and some catnip.

And three green beans, but they were gone before I was in the car.

Yeah, yeah, laid off. It wasn't a shock (they're restructuring the whole office: good-bye to 40% of Marketing), and it was almost a relief to know, after the weird and worrisome weekend of wondering.

Harold greeted my lunchtime return with open arms:

He actually was glad to see me; this was after he got used to the idea. Yeah, Mom's home, yawn, whatever, nap time.

And best of all by far, I got to bring the baby home. He's no worse than he was*, which is a huge relief given my black fears and visions.

*I mean, plerual effusion doesn't even sound as bad as congestive heart failure, right?

He's home.

Today could have been far worse.

Anyone in Greater Boston need a proofreader/copywriter/copy editor? Anyone? Bueller? I haz mad word skillz, y'all! Seriously, keep me in mind, would you?


Kali said...

I am so glad Pan is home, none the worse for his traumatic adventure to the vet. So... breathing is still happening and that is a good thing.

Today was lousy enough, thank you very much. I felt like a heartless traitor for trying to work. Frankly, I wasn't very efficient at the working thing because my brain kept short-circuiting and flushed with thoughts of "but, if everything is changing, why am I bothering with doing *this*?"

I am sure that as time goes on, I will miss you at work even more than I do already. I was only half kidding about the party at your place this Saturday...

kelly said...

Happy to see Pan at home... so sorry for your job loss!

Unfortunately, I'm of no help to you in your job search, but I will keep my fingers crossed for you... that counts for something, right?

Jennifer Saylor said...

So sorry about your job loss. What a stupid thing to happen to someone reliable, smart and cool.

Best of luck in finding something new, better more lucrative and more fun soon.

Meanwhile, have fun in Florida!