Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Thoughts: Harold, job search, flowers

Harold got a surprise treat today. His loving grandmother sent him ... plastic.

You remember how he is about plastic, right?

Bite, lick ... love is different things to different people.

Which reminds me of something. Not to digress, but I turned on the Olympics one day and caught some showjumping, which made a nice change from the ever-present beach volleyball/diving/volleyball/swimming, plus they were talking about this one guy for Canada, who is at his ninth* Olympics and has yet to win a medal**, holy cow, talk about perseverance.

*He's qualified for ten, but Canada boycotted Moscow in 1980. He's 61.

**I just Googled it, and the Canadians won the silver in the team event, so he finally gets his medal. Yay, Ian Millar!

But anyway, what made me think of it is that after one horse refused a jump, they went back to the desk and the talking head was going on about how you kind of forget the horses aren't machines until something like that happens.

Or that's what he meant, anyway. What he said was that you forget they're only "human. Um. Equine." At which point I was like, dude? Give it up. You blew the punchline, move on.

Later, Harold reflected on the shining glory that is a new piece of plastic.

It hit me a bit more today, that I'm really going to have to go through the whole job-search rigamarole again, finding openings and customizing my resume and cover letters and (if I'm "lucky") interviewing ... ugh. I had to lie down.

Then I told myself to stop moping and get out of the house for a bit. I went on a walk, and saw pretty things.

These were obviously about to pop, but I love them like this!

And the stage before, too. Nature is amazing.

This apple tree knew that it might be hot, but fall will come again.

And I will get another job. And tomorrow will bring who knows what?


Blogger Mary Lou said...

I wish they would have more horses and less beach volleyball!

9:10 PM, August 21, 2008  
Blogger Leslie said...

I wish you could find a job where you could contribute your photography skills. You're really quite good.

6:13 AM, August 22, 2008  
Blogger hunnybunny said...

Those are fantastic photographs! I never see flowers when I walk, maybe I could start photographing trash. Just kidding, a little.
I wanted to let you know if you'd like you could come by for coffee and knitting. We're getting ready to go back to school here so the kid count should be going down. : )
Hope the job hunt is going well, and that you are already planning a fabulous vacation to see the parents.
Do NOT book with US Airways they are evil I say, EVIL.

1:26 PM, August 22, 2008  
Blogger RuthWells said...

My brother's old cat had a serious plastic fetish -- for shopping bags, mostly. Absolutely hysterical.

4:41 PM, August 25, 2008  

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