Monday, July 09, 2007

A little knit before sleep

Oh, and only a very little knit-talk, okay? Very tired here Chez Cat Hair tonight, which gets no dishes washed. On the other hand, knit night did get sock started (technically, I started at lunch, but didn't get much past cast on):

Or, to mess with perspective for you:

Then, heading to the frog pond:

I've pretty much decided (today) that the yarn and the stitch pattern, both of which I like, are not playing nicely together, and need to be separated. The stitch pattern will be united with a solid-color yarn, as Annalea had suggested, to show itself off, and this lovely yarn will be conjoined with a simpler pattern to allow its colors to take center stage. Possibly this one:

This is from Knit Ponchos, Wraps, and Scarves, which I borrowed from the library today, and it does contain some items that are ... not to my personal taste, but I think this one is quite nice, and will have a subtle effect that may not even show on the colored yarn but that will entertain me as I knit. Pray to whoever's listening that this pattern is correct. I'll certainly do some online searching on the pattern before I start, but for now I'm going to work on the sock.

For now meaning for a day or two, anyway.

Unless I pull out yarn to start the blanket with the King Charles stitch.

Oh, I have got to go to bed!



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