Saturday, July 07, 2007

It wasn't me!

How about that: I wasn't messing up the stitch pattern after all!

Thank you, my charming readers, for pointing out the obvious-in-hindsight possibility that the stitch pattern could contain errors. For some reason, that simply never occurred to me, which doubtless says much about me (but let's not go there). I checked the pattern I had against the link Monica so thoughtfully provided, and the repeat in rows six and eight is supposed to start with purl three, not knit three, which would make exactly the annoying little problem I was having. Whew!

I'm still not sure how I'll proceed, whether I'll go on with the project as is (tinking back a row to correct for this repeat), or frog it and do something different with this yarn. But it feels nice to know I wasn't doing anything wrong (other than being naive about the veracity of the book and the pattern, and that's something I can live with, and learn from). You guys seriously rock.

As long as you're solving my problems, does anyone know if there's a "thing" (to use the technical term) that will work between my old computer with Windows 98 and my new computer with Windows Vista, to transfer documents and photographs? When I bought the new computer, the only option they offered me for file transferring didn't support Windows 98, so I didn't buy it. I'm hoping there's something out there, but I have to look into it ... unless one of you wonderful people just happens to know already? (Don't go looking, but if you already know, let me know!)

Have a wonderful Saturday!



Blogger Annalea said...

First, for fixing the errors, just drop the stitches directly above the offending knits-that-should-be-purls, ladder down and then knit and purl them back up as they should be. (A crochet hook makes this really easy, but it can be done with knitting needles--I do it all the time. Knitting help has a video if I'm not making sense. ;o)

Second, there are a few options for switching over to your new computer. I'm not familiar with Vista, but none of my options are software-based, so it shouldn't matter. (But we are dealing with Microsoft here, so I may be dreaming.) First, you can try plugging your computers into each other (providing they both have network cards) and transferring the files directly over a network connection. If that's too geeky, (which is very likely--I hate working with Windows networking. It's haaaarible.), you can pick up a USB external drive (a little jump drive or a larger portable hard drive), plug it into your Win98 box and copy your files to the drive. Then you can plug it into your Vista box and copy the files over. I'm sure there are websites with step by step instructions with how to do this, (computer geeks tend to spend their time doing things like that ;o), but I'm also happy to be the geek-help-in-residence if you'd like. The toughest part of moving the files yourself is just finding them, and that's definitely something I can help with.

If your Win98 box has a CD-R drive, then you can burn your files into a series of CD's and copy from them onto the Vista machine. This is similar to the external drive option, but a lot slower and probably cheaper.

Hope this helps . . .

2:23 PM, July 07, 2007  
Blogger Ms. Knitingale said...

I agree w/Annalea on the "fixing the errors" part--that's how I fix those pesky, "should-have-been-knits (or purls)". I'd agree with her about the computer if I knew thing one about computers beyond the basics (turn on, type, e-mail, print, turn off), but there you are. I know what you mean about not thinking to blame the pattern when things go wrong....but I'm glad you figured out that King Charles brocade!

9:04 AM, July 08, 2007  
Blogger J. D. said...

Hola CCR, greetings from the Bay Area - woke up early here at Molly's house and am reading through your blog - your peas look great, sorry about the peppers, and your tribute to Karl was beautiful.
Talk to you soon, jdj

11:02 AM, July 09, 2007  

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