Sunday, February 11, 2007

I'm being stalked

I can feel it. It's just around my head, waiting to pounce. Toying with me, it seems.

I think that people who don't get headaches may not realize that headaches can be animate, sentient things. That I say I spent the weekend "fighting" a headache because it's a battle: now I'm winning, now I'm losing.

It was bad enough last night that this morning, I realized that I completely forgot about the Bruins game. Forgot there was such a thing. It's been a long time since that happened. I've chosen not to watch them, sure, but forgotten they were playing? No.

They won in a shootout. They also traded two players who were going to be free agents at the end of the season. Stuart and Primeau. Got two guys I've never heard of. Which doesn't mean they're bad, but, you know, doesn't bode all that well. On the other hand, at least they're not big names on the decline, which the Bruins have had a habit of picking up in recent years. Having recently let Jurcina go for a draft pick (a fourth round pick, which Dupont in today's Globe had some pithy words for the wisdom of), it shows that they're trying to make changes, I guess, but I'm not really impressed. It seems to me they're taking the middle road: not doing enough to make anything of this year, not doing enough to make anything of the future. Just the same little tweaks. This is a team that needs more than little tweaks. I thought they made some big changes last off-season, but it's the same old so-what this year. Sigh.

So, the head. It's not bad right now, and if it would stay like this, I could maybe get a few things done. Yesterday's big accomplishment was what? Probably trimming my fingernails, which I'd put off all week. When I start to have trouble taking my contact lenses out, that's the sign I've left it too long, literally. So I did finally do that.

And I tried to fix the TV set-up thing, only to find that the new thing the Radio Shack guy sold me is not the panacea I needed, quelle suprise. This morning I managed to get the set-up back the way it had been, at least, and with only minor cursing. Take a TV that's about 15-20 years old, add a DVD recorder, a VCR, and a cable box, and I needed help just getting them all to play nicely together when I got the DVD recorder last year. Fortunately a friend volunteered her charming and patient boyfriend to do the job. Unfortunately, when I moved last fall, my RF modulator bit the dust, and I couldn't find the same kind, and the set-up I've managed now doesn't allow me to watch one thing while taping another. Mr. Radio Shack gave me something that he thought would work, but not that I could figure. Why does it have to be so complicated? It's ridiculous, and it doesn't help that I start to feel like the most spoiled brat on the planet that this is what I'm complaining about. But it is annoying.

Perhaps lunch will help the equilibrium of the head, and there's the dishwasher to empty and other little things before I decide if I can tackle something big, like say a trip to Target. Ooh!

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Anonymous MonicaPDX said...

Yep, you're gonna get catch-up commenting syndrome in action...

So. True. On the headaches. Like hovering vultures. Forget better mousetraps; we have cats for them. How about headache traps? Sympathies on your Bruins. Not a sports fan here, but when our Trailblazers do something stupid - which it seems they manage with almost poetic regularity - I still groan and moan and bitch. At least a little. I mean, you've gotta identify with your town's icons, right? As to the electonic spaghetti, oh yeah. You should've seen what my husband did with two phones, the answering machine, and our computer. I'm surprised I ever figured the damned arrangement out when the answering machine died and I decided to put the new one in a different spot. Let's not even talk about the VCR/VCR/TV arrangement... When I got the money, I simply re-started from scratch. Wanna couple of dead vintage VCRs? ;)

4:50 AM, February 13, 2007  

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