Monday, February 19, 2007

Getting ready for the Bruins to spoil my weekend

You've got to love three-day weekends just by their nature, but this has been an especially good one for me (and here at least, it's all about me).

Saturday was Valentine's Day Observed for a small group of my fellow single women. We get together around VD every year for dinner and a movie, and generally chocolate is involved. This year we saw the new Hugh Grant/Drew Barrymore movie, Music & Lyrics, and enjoyed it greatly. We're right in the target age to find the take-off of the 80s pop band spot on, but it's also well written and the music was well done too; it keeps popping back into my head, two days later, and not annoying me, which is a good sign.

Then we got pizza and brought it back to my place, and had ice cream and made sundaes and talked and it was lots of fun. Both cats made appearances, which is rare, though of course Harold found he had to leave the room a few times, coincidentally when we got loud, and Pan would usually follow him to ask what was wrong. Silly cats. After everyone left, I watched the end of the Bruins game, and they won in the shoot-out, so that was something.

So Saturday was good, and on Sunday I went to Providence RI to have lunch and go to a Providence Bruins game with a friend who lives there (she's not a hockey fan herself, but she humors me on occasion). We had a really good time, although the P-Bruins unfortunately took a leaf from the big club and didn't play too well, which was a pity. Still, I enjoy going to a game once in a while; there's nothing like being there. Plus the pretzel was good.

And thanks to Presidents Day, I didn't have to work today. Although, isn't it a pity not to have Lincoln's Birthday and Washington's Birthday off, the way we did as kids? Just because they were born around the same time, let's lump them together with all the others and call it a day. Anyway, it's a treat to get that extra day off, and I did enjoy it. I lazed, I paid bills, did a little laundry, and also got a whole whack of desk-and-paper-pile organizing done, which was unexpected. I mean, it's only been piling up since I moved, or perhaps before, but I wasn't planning to tackle any today, so I feel a glow of virtue for making a difference. I have a box'o'filing yet to do, so next weekend will not be paper-free, but I got a big head start, and that feels excellent.

If only the Bruins would win tonight, so the weekend would finish on a high note. Is that asking too much? Really?

Aannnnddd ... the Yarn Harlot has laid down a challenge, and I'm thinking of answering it.

The examples she gives of the disrespect she gets, as a bestselling author, disturb me. It's got me thinking (and that can't be good--look out!)

So, it's about showing the muggles (non-knitters) how many of us there are. For the occasion of her fourth book release, she's inviting knitters to show up to the event at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, in numbers. In force.

She had over 800 comments on this post in 3 days, and while obviously not all of them can come, I don't think she's going to have any trouble filling a 750-seat auditorium. I think there will be serious overflow.

I'm not that far from New York, it's only a couple of hours on the train, and I could probably take a few vacation days (have to check). I have cousins in NYC who have invited me to stay with them before, so if their guest room is available (have to check)... they're really cool, fun people, too, it wouldn't be any hardship. Maybe, maybe.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

> Maybe, maybe.

That sounds like a toot -- and a damn good excuse to spend a weekend in NyC. If you can get your ducks in a row, you should definitely go for it. -- love, Claud

9:49 PM, February 19, 2007  
Blogger Marianne said...

Oh! you are so very close, and by train, GO GO GO GO!!!!!
I'm incredibly envious and so very happy that it's such a possible maybe for you!

5:25 PM, February 21, 2007  

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