Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hockey and knitting and traffic (oh my, what a lame post title)

It was only this morning that I woke up, metaphorically (well, after I woke up literally, of course), that I realized what they did. They've sucked me back in! "It's fun to watch them play, see how well they're doing, they don't give up when something goes wrong, they keep working, and they win!"

Yeah. You know what's going to happen, don't you? Sooner or later, they're going to go back to playing badly, and I'm going to be let down. It might be tomorrow, it might be a month from now, but it will happen.

I figure either they'll only-just qualify for the playoffs, then get creamed in the first round, or they won't quite manage to qualify at all. Such is the life of a Bruins fan. Well, I'll try to enjoy this while it lasts. What else can you do, right? For all my superstitions, I don't actually believe that my watching or not watching, or yelling at the TV, or whatever, has an effect on how they play. And intellectually, I understand that they don't play badly just to torment me (although that one can be hard to believe). There really isn't anything I can do about how they play. I keep telling myself.

Meanwhile, I had one of those things happen at work today that only seems to happen to people like me (klutzes), although it wasn't really anything I could have prevented by being less clumsy. Some people just have these things happen to them, you know? We were having a pot-luck lunch, and I opened a bottle of soda that turned out to be a little, shall we say, over-excited. This thing didn't just spray, it fountained. I have never, in thirty-eight years, even seen a carbonated beverage open with such vehemence, except perhaps on TV when someone shook it violently first. It soaked my cuff and part of the front of my shirt, and sprayed a coworker who was unfortunate enough to be standing near me. It was so bad it was kind of funny. The cream soda that coated the lunch room! Stand back, I have a drink and I'm not afraid to open it! Look out, she's armed with a one-liter bottle.

I wonder what it's like to be one of those people who these things simply don't happen to? It must be nice. Serene. Tidy.

As to the possible NYC Harlot Represent yarn-jaunt, it's still looking possible, and still unconfirmed (my attendance, I mean; remember, everything here is All About Me!). A couple of signs it may be meant to be:
  • I can stay with my cousins, K, Q, and little E--and celebrate fabulous cousin K's birthday with her!
  • It's on a payday. How foreordained is that?
Further updates as events warrant and decisions are made.

And what about the traffic? Well, if it wasn't a full moon (and it isn't), how do you explain all the Stupid People On Wheels out there? In addition to all the usual, garden-variety looney tunes, I got these two right in a row:
  1. Driver two cars ahead going toward traffic light with choice of right or left turn, in right lane, stops when light turns yellow (although legally what he was supposed to do, this is technically Not Done by anyone in Massachusetts). He sits through entire red light, even when no traffic is coming, although MA is a right-on-red state, meaning that if there is no sign saying NO TURN ON RED (which there wasn't), you can turn on the red light if you can find a hole in oncoming traffic. With nothing coming for minutes at a time, he sat and waited for the green light. I was distracted by wondering if you actually have to go right on red when the opportunity is there, or does it just mean you can? Anyway, he didn't, until it was green. Glad to get past him.
  2. Through the next light, and behind more cars, and this time the second-vehicle-ahead Stopped At A Green Light. Full stop. Green light. I waited 5 seconds for him to go, the car between us to honk, something, then I honked. I'm not a big honker usually, but hello? In my country, we go through green lights! And for this to happen immediately after the other guy, who let the inmates out of what asylum? Do these people get licensed by mail order?
And don't even get me started on traffic on Route 3 in the mornings. Once the widening project finished, why didn't the speed limit get increased? By leaving it at 55 when it can handle so much more, it means you're driving with people who cover speeds from 55 to about 80, and my friends, that is a recipe for disaster.

Wait, I told you not to get me started!

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Anonymous MonicaPDX said...

Finally making it here to catch up. ;)

Bruins: Are they related to the Portland Trailblazers, by chance?? I'm not even a bb fan and I get disgusted with our Trailblazers doing precisely the same things!

Klutziness: We're long-lost sisters. Or something. Only I seem to do it when visiting in-laws. (I knew there was a reason I wasn't too fond of my in-laws...) And one of the incidents involved cream soda, yet! What, it's combat soda? Even worse, it was while visiting my husband's ex and daughter - first time with me, the new wife, in tow. Yeouch.

Traffic: I think it's time to resurrect an old quote when it comes to other drivers. [g] "Everyone's crazy but me and thee, and I'm beginning to wonder about thee." Of course, I should talk now; I haven't had a car for about 12 years or so. Still. All those other people are nuts, aren't they?

10:23 AM, March 18, 2007  

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