Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another Sunday: Bruins lost, cat must be thwarted, what are you reading?

Although the Bruins lost last night, I'm not that upset with them. The end of a road trip, first of all, and then they won four in a row before that. I mean, it could be the beginning of a bad streak, of course, but it could just be one of those games, and I'm willing to let it go without too much gnashing of teeth. Bergeron was back, which I'm glad of, and they re-signed Marco Sturm. Things could be worse (oh, am I asking for it...).

Today, I need to thwart the kitty's desire to make my new job Being a Lap, and get some filing done. He sure wants me to be a lap at every opportunity. The thing about having a cat with a heart condition (or, probably, any health issue) is that any slight behavioral change ups the worry level. "Can he sense something? Does he actually need my lap, really?" When probably it's just because it's winter, and he wants mama as heat source. I can't help worrying, though. Every time I'm home, he wants to be on my lap, just about every minute, starting as soon as I get up from the last lap-time. He's quite pathetic about it, and I feel bad, and I like to have him on my lap, but I can't sit down all the time! I have to do other things sometimes! Sheesh.

Anyway, a few minutes about books. The other night I was reading the recent Laurell K. Hamilton, Mistral's Kiss, which was enjoyable enough in a secondary-series way. Laurell writes the Anita Blake books, which I really like, and then the Merry Gentry series, which I don't enjoy as much, but they're still good, and that's what this one was. The next Anita is out in June; thank heavens for a prolific author. Don't read these if you don't like sex and violence with your supernatural, but if you're okay with that, then dive right in.

Actually, I started reading the Anitas in Charlotte, and remember discussing with my friend Pat whether Anita would be better off with Richard or Jean-Claude. Werewolf or vampire? Ah, the good old days. It's fun to be able to talk books like that, isn't it? I was in a book club in Charlotte that never got as satisfying for me as those talks with Pat. It's hard to find friends who like to read the same books that I do. I just read a review of a novel about four women in a shoe-sharing club, which made me wonder if that ever happened in real life, women getting together based on shared shoe size. Now that's random.

Updating Stephenie Meyer news (mehitabel, are you still here?), her next book, Eclipse, is due out in the fall, though I don't have a more specific date than that yet. In the interim, however, she has a story in a collection coming out in April, called Prom Nights From Hell. Something to look forward to!

I said I have to thwart the kitty, and guess who is now between me and the keyboard? Three guesses, first two don't count. He's purring...

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Anonymous said...

Sheesh, you're gonna have a ton of comments from me here. But I love Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake books, and still haven't caught up with all of 'em. I think I'm only up to about #8 or so. I've really got to track the rest of 'em down and get them, now that I can afford to! (used pb, at least. [g]) I haven't even started on any of her other series, so guess I'll have to try them out, too. Heh - more input.