Monday, April 03, 2017

Fixed, and Now Fixed

I mentioned recently that I cast on the Farfalla shawl, and last week at stitch and bitch, I learned that despite how simple this part is, for me it is not social knitting. To quote myself, this section "has to increase evenly on one side, and unevenly on the other," and look at this:
See that little hitch? That is Wrong. This is supposed to be the side that increases evenly. Whoops.

Not only that, but when I fixed it over the weekend, I found that I had messed up not once, but twice (here is where we bless patterns that give us stitch counts at regular intervals, so we can check if we have gone astray).

So even though this isn't difficult, it isn't going to stitch and bitch with me tonight. Apparently, it isn't social knitting. Which is kind of a bummer, but one of the basic rules* is, Knitter, Know Thyself.
*More like guidelines, really...


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