Sunday, April 23, 2017

Down, and Up

The Bruins were eliminated from the playoffs today, losing (again) in overtime (again). It's a bummer. I'll have to figure out who to root for in the second round; Montreal was also eliminated, last night*, meaning I won't have them to automatically root against, so we'll have to see.
*Not that I'm complaining about that, of course.

Meanwhile, it was time for a kitty visit this afternoon before the game, so at least the day has had that going for it. Remember my friends who have the two ragdolls? (Visiting one cat, the first; visiting one cat, the second; visiting two cats, the first; visiting two cats, the second.) Well, the puffballs are still adorable.

And now I need to leave the paean to the adorableness of cats and go kill Carlos, who is dissatisfied with the freshness of the food in his bowl and Will Not Shut Up About It. There's reality for you.


Blogger Kate P said...

Ragdolls are so cute! My neighbor's ragdoll LOVES me. (Tried to get in my car when I got home from work Friday.)

Oh yeah, not fresh enough, not enough in the bowl, all the gravy is gone. . . the usual list of kitty complaints. I know them well.

9:47 PM, April 23, 2017  

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