Monday, April 10, 2017

Better Today

I got a fair bit done over the weekend, both regular cleaning and spring cleaning and a little day-to-day stuff, but by last night, I was tired and sore and grumpy about all the things that didn't get done. My hands hurt, and I was In A Mood, despite the nice weather that I had, truly, enjoyed on Sunday. The good news was that my hands were improved today, and the weather was open-window lovely, and I had a very well-timed slow work day, so I had time to do some more around the house (working from home perk #87).

Meanwhile, my mother arrives Thursday night, so my Monday morning look-at-the-week-ahead kind of goes through then, instead of Friday. Tonight, chiropractor and stitch and bitch; tomorrow, swimming; Wednesday was going to be the other knitting group, but since it's the first game of the playoffs, I believe I will stay home, watch that, and potter about doing last-minute tidying (which, as I've said many times, my mother couldn't care less about, but which I do for the sake of the 11 months of the year when I don't).

Speaking of that last parenthetical bit, actually, I'm starting to realize that, as I get older, and as my arthritis gets worse, I'm going to have to put more effort into planning ahead and spacing this sort of stuff out. I simply can't go-go-go all day and Finish All The Things, or even Most of The Things, and being upset about that isn't going to change it. I, and especially my hands, need a slower, more measured pace. Which, at age 48, is unsurprising, I guess, and anyway being in denial isn't going to change it. Just food for thought.


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