Saturday, April 29, 2017

More Cats

I fed my neighbor J's cats tonight, as she's out of town. They were so happy to see me that I couldn't really get them to stand still long enough to focus.

One is floofy.
The other is not.
But they are brothers, and although J said that the floofy one is shy, he has been just as friendly to me as his brother, so it's fun to visit with them.

"Yes, keep petting please!"
"Oh, hallo."
I'll get to see them again before she's back, and although Carlos doesn't approve, it's only wrapped up in his disapproval of my ever leaving for any reason. He doesn't care who I smell like when I return. He is secure in his ownership of me.

The weather was very nice today, some sun and in the 80s. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be around 50. Siiigh, New England.


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