Saturday, April 08, 2017

A Few Things

The Bruins played their last game of the regular season today, and while it wasn't as bad as the final games the last two years were, it was disturbing in another way: unless the Bruins beat Washington, they would face Washington in the first round. And if you can't beat them today, how is that first round going to go? One of the Bruins blogs put on Facebook, "If this is a preview of the playoffs we are screwed" and I can't argue. Oh, well, that's next week's problem.

Recently, someone local put on Facebook that they were ordering yard signs if anyone wanted one, and I did; it came today, and I put it in my window (not having a yard, per se).
There is a general Facebook page (and a whole lot of local ones), which points back to their website, and you can read the story and download the images if you want to use your own, or look for someone local to you to get one. I think it's pretty nice.

I thought the other day that Carlos seemed to be hesitating to make the jump up on the bed, and I'm aware that he might have trouble with that as he gets older, so today I moved something next to the bed that he can use as a step. He wasn't using it (and was able to get onto the bed, it isn't that he can't do it at all), so I picked him up and tried to place him on it, so he could see what it was for ... and you'd have thought I was trying to dunk him in a pot of water, as he frantically reached his paws toward the bed. Doofus.

It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow. Not here and there, not now and then, but just sunny. I really hope they're right. Sunny and 60 would be miles better than we've had this week, and I'm ready to do some spring basking.


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

It's supposed to be in the upper 70s next week!

7:13 PM, April 08, 2017  

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