Monday, October 31, 2016

Cat Tales

I was over at my friend's house yesterday, and got to play with her kittens again. Well, the older one is close to a year, does that still count as a kitten? She's much less kittenish than the baby is, anyway.

They were both interested in my socks, and there was much sniffing. Bigger:
And smaller:
Bigger kitty was also interested in my purse:
While smaller kitty was very, very interested in the new alpaca shawl, and had to be gently dissuaded from chewing on it a few times.
Of course, Carlos too was interested in it. Less in a chewing way, and more in a "If I get close to this, I get your attention, and then perhaps you will notice that I Am Starving" way.
He sat, very carefully, very very close without being on it. Poor neglected kitty.


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