Thursday, September 29, 2016

When You See the Batmobile

At Home Depot ... you take pictures.

This was in NY. You'll really want to click on the photos to see them bigger.

Don't miss the BATMAN across the top of the windshield; the other decals on the windshield; the dice and the little sign hanging from the rear-view mirror; the seat covers; the seat-belt strap covers; the license plate frame; the decals to either side of it; the translucent decals over the headlights...
More decals on the back window...
And not just the matching license plate frame, but the fact that this is apparently a Honda Batman model, the Bad Ass Edition.
This is a person who goes all in, right?

Meanwhile, I noticed a pretty unhappy note at the key-making station inside. Smiley faces don't make it a happy note.
And just to round off the shopping trip, how would you like to see that guy in the center in someone's yard at Halloween? Glowing red eyes and all?
I vote no thank you!


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