Thursday, September 01, 2016

Mostly Flowers

I am far from a morning person, but when I dragged out of bed this morning, it took extra effort. I don't know why I was so much more tired than usual--I didn't go to bed late, didn't have trouble falling asleep, and really, we've had enough sun this summer that a cloudy day shouldn't send me spinning--but whoa, all day, I was so, so tired.

At first, I didn't think about whether I would exercise tonight; one of the strange benefits I am finding from this water aerobics class is that I don't think about whether I should go, I just go. I skipped one class when I had a headache, reasonable enough I think, but otherwise, unless I'm away, I just go.

By mid-afternoon, though, I began to consider if perhaps going to bed really early instead might be a better choice for me today. And I think it is. I have plenty of things to do before my trip this weekend*, and exercise is something I have been prioritizing this year, but neither of those is really helped by me being potentially even more exhausted tomorrow. (Besides, if I don't go to swim, that's two hours back to get things done, even with going to bed early.)
*I'm going to my aunt's to help her work on clearing out the attic. Hopefully I will return with fun stories and/or photos to share.

So I will be in bed by 8, and here, let me dump some pictures for you from my friend's garden, which I saw last Saturday. It's amazing to me how much she squeezes into a lot that is only 1/8th of an acre (part of which, of course, is covered by the house and driveway, as well as a patio). Flowers and food--even decorative corn!



Anonymous AlisonH said...

Dahlias are a particular favorite of mine. Beautiful!

7:02 PM, September 01, 2016  

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