Thursday, September 15, 2016

Revisiting the "Cheer Up Already" Files

Some days nothing goes "wrong" per se, but they still aren't good days. That's today.

Mainly, it was that I'm almost done with my latest report, after a depressing month of it, and I already got my next one to work on ... and a glance at it showed me that, first, the analyst had spell-check turned off, and second, the analyst was not completely sure how to spell the topic of the report. Sigh.

Why haven't I won the lottery yet? Oh, I keep forgetting to buy tickets? Well, that's a crap excuse.

Basically, everything's fine, except my mood. But on my way digging through my archives for this post I once made of Things to Cheer Me Up, I ran into other funny things too, and I am sort of smiling now. Which may be the best I can expect. (Wouldn't it be nice if exercising tonight gave me an endorphin rush? Yes, wouldn't it?)


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