Sunday, September 11, 2016

Knitting in the Attic

On Friday night, I made myself a little list of things to try to get done this weekend, and as of now, I got half of them done. Which isn't bad, considering that an hour ago, it was a quarter done. Sigh. Being an adult is hard.

Of course, I did spend more of yesterday in the post-mammogram "ow" mood than I was hoping to, which was time-consuming. (If you didn't see that post yesterday, do go look at what I found in the attic, and weigh in on what you think it is.) Today it isn't actively painful (thank god), but slightly sore to the touch still. Yeesh. I said something to the tech about how if men had to do this, they would have come up with a better way, and she laughed and said, "It would be like a spa day!" I don't know what the scientists who could improve on this are up to, but let me say that just because 3D is supposed to be better at diagnosis than 2D, please don't think your job is done. Keep working. Please.

Anyway! All is not misery. In fact, there is plentiful amusement in another attic find, namely yet another stack of knitting magazines and patterns. I took a bunch of photos while I was there, but I brought them home to go through properly.

Because even if I don't knit thing one from them, they are amusing.

Can you say "dated"?
I bet you can!
She is up to No Good.
And these two!
The expression on the model on the left ... what is that supposed to convey?
And the one on the right, here: is she on something? A little too perky to be true.
Aw, the squirrel sweater is a child's pattern...
I never thought of squirrels as Scandinavian, particularly, but this is the book it's from.
The models on this one just crack me up.
The poses!
The hat-ascot-shirt-sweater-slacks ... and bare feet.
The ... pose ...
But then there's the back cover. Chewing on a straw?
Back to the womanly stuff, where the ads are as good as, or better than, the patterns.
Because yarn decor is you decor.
Some backseat knitters in this group.
...The yellow "outfit" leaves me without words.
While this one screams 70s.
You poor thing, didn't you inherit any crewel embroidery? Didn't your mother love you?
Is it just me, or does the dog look a little embarassed by the matching coats?
Don't miss the fine print, either.
Somehow, I feel that my talents as an interior decorator would not have me in my glory.
And how about this his and hers project?
Do YOU have a restless urge to write? Bennett Cerf wants to know.
Another one where words fail me.
And of course, this is just how I pose when I read. With the afghan carefully draped, hand to my chest in a thoughtful pose, and my reading at arm's length.
Don't you?


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