Friday, September 30, 2016

A Quick Hockey Note

The World Cup of Hockey wrapped up last night, and if you never heard of it, you're far from the only one, but trust me, it was A Thing That Happened, and I can go into some of the whys and wherefores another time.

For now, though, I just want to talk about last night's game, and the Bruins component therein. I watched the first two periods and went to bed, not caring enough about the game to miss an hour's sleep over it, and this morning I learned that the three goals in the game were all scored by Bruins: Chara got Team Europe's lone goal, and Bergeron and Marchand (short-handed!) got Canada's.

It vastly amused me to think that if those Bruins hadn't been there, the game would have still been going on this morning, endless and scoreless (though I know that isn't true).

Anyway, almost as much as I am relieved that they came through the tournament without injury am I pleased with how they did. My boys! They may have missed the playoffs for two years running, but look!

Finally, I believe this photo of the Canadians celebrating while wearing beer goggles is what the word adorkable was coined to describe.
Beer goggles! Is getting beer in your eyes really that dangerous? (I don't even drink the stuff, so I honestly don't know.)

Now, I need to go get ready for my drive tomorrow; the physical packing won't be hard, but the emotional readiness for my uncle's funeral may be challenging to attain. Sigh. Adulting.


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