Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Mood; Weirdness from the Attic

Why am I in this mood? Well, let's see.

  • I had the mammogram this morning, and am now trying to keep from crying at the residual ache from my chest.
  • I was awake from 3-something to 4-something this morning. Insomnia? No, asshole neighbors. What, when you and your friends get in from the comedy club at 3 AM, you don't all hang around outside chatting because it's such a nice night? And then go in, and then come back out? And talk to the woman from across the street who wanders over wanting to know why she "wunt inviiiited" to the party? And go in, and come out, and talk and talk and talk? Why, then you must not be an asshole. (Sigh. They weren't actually all that loud, mostly, it's just right outside my bedroom window. Not the world's worst assholes, but they register on the scale.)
  • There is no third thing. Owwww.
So let's talk about something else. Want to see the weirdest thing I brought home from Grandma's attic?
So, yeah. What the hell, right? This isn't something I took because I wanted it, more because I want to know what the hell it is. Like, if I went to Antiques Roadshow, this is what I would take, you know? What IS it?

I should have asked Grandma; maybe I'll take it back next time and see if she remembers anything. Here's what I know: it's about 2.5 inches tall, greenish metal so maybe copper? With gold touches, and a loose gold ring around the neck.
I don't even know what to Google for. What terms would you use?

It was in this little plastic tube:
But as likely as not, that has nothing to do with it, and just was chosen because it fit. There was another tube with it:
And that held a q-tip, a bit of tissue paper, and this needle:
Which is triangular! And says MADE IN ENGLAND 14 on the side. Wild. I wonder what kind of needle would want to be triangular. Or was that just to make it easier if you dropped it, because it wouldn't roll? Fun to think about.

I also took home one of the many baskets we came across; most of them did not appeal to me, but I liked this one.
I'm pretty sure it's nothing valuable or precious, but I like its lines. Even with the stencils on the ends.

Now to think about how to put it to use. And to try not to think about my chest. Owwww.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The triangular needle is for sewing leather.

4:57 PM, September 12, 2016  
Blogger Leslie said...

Is the green thing a chess piece maybe? It will be interesting to see if your grandma remembers what it is.

Anonymous is correct.

I've seen baskets like that before and think it's supposed to be a magazine or book basket. Has Carlos tried it out yet?

10:34 AM, September 13, 2016  

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