Monday, September 12, 2016

Oh, Spammers, You Can Do Better

Naw, this email isn't skeevy at all...


We are getting back regarding request on a Careers web-site.
Our company gives you a chance to join our corporation. This job may become a great part-time job to make your income better.

Main duties are:
- manage incoming parcels and outgoing packages,
- submit data reports on every task,
- control results annually.

- +21,
- have good communication skills,
- be responsible and industrious,
- computer with Internet at home or opportunity to use them in public places,
- be in touch by cell/home phone 24/7.

Skills or experience:
No specific knowledge is needed, but we prefer candidates, who have got experience in shipment forwarding industry.

We may also employ a freshman, willing to earn experience, with team-building habits and wish to learn.

For more details please email us back.

Kind regards.

Honestly, "shipment forwarding industry"?


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