Monday, September 19, 2016


I know that my posture generally isn't the best, but with the added stress of things lately, my neck and shoulders were extra knotted up tonight. The chiropractor did what he could, but I'm a tough case! Even now I have to fight my natural* inclination to slouch, and I don't want to be here long.
*By which I mean that it's the product of years of habit, not that it's something I ought to be doing.

However, he suggested I go for a massage, and that's something I haven't done before.Who has stories? Talk to me!


Anonymous JEKC said...

Two types of massage - the nice relaxing one with 'products' which you get in a beauty salon (such as a hot stones massage), then the deep tissue massage from a sports massage person or hands-on physiotherapist.

Both are good but I would suggest the sports massage will be more effective than the beauty salon, if less enjoyable! Usually last 30 mins, with a longer first appointment to see what needs doing.

I specified a 'hands-on' physio, because a lot of the ones I have encountered will diagnose and use tools like ultrasound and acupuncture, but don't do massage. Sports massage specialists will normally advertise themselves specifically for sports massage.

Of course, things may be different on the other side of the Atlantic! Here I would expect to pay between £30 and £40 for either sort of massage.

For enjoyment/relaxation, I definitely recommend the beauty salon version, but I don't think that will necessarily help with posture.

4:28 PM, September 21, 2016  

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