Sunday, October 04, 2015

Tarantula: Details

I have to point out that this is post number 2500 on my blog, and look what I'm writing about. Honestly. Typical.

So, as I said yesterday, the tarantula is done! If you missed the story, I knit this for my grandmother, who when asked what she would like me to knit for her birthday (in the spring, whoops), suggested something she could use to scare the people at the home where she lives. Given that she was turning 101, I decided hey, why not give her what she wants?

The pattern: My Pet Tarantula

Yarn: I used Vanna's Choice, since that was what I could find in the right colors without spending an arm and a leg (or 8, ba dum bah). The pattern calls for mohair, and that probably gives a more authentic look, but if you think I'm going for a really authentic look, with a tarantula, yeah, no.

Timeline: I started this in July, but really only worked on it since finishing the blanket in late September. It could easily be done in a week or so of spare time, or probably in a day dedicated to it.

Impressions: Not my favorite thing ever knit, but that's just me; it was fine. A few notes:
  • After the first leg (which the pattern calls for knitting flat and then seaming), I copied another knitter and made them in the round, which I found easier. Fiddly, but easier.
  • I also skipped the eyes. My tarantula is blind (good name for a rock band?)
  • Instead of using stuffing or fiberfill, I used the handful of ends I had from the blanket, which being a dark grey seemed like a good option. I also used some of the beige yarn in stuffing the beige part, in hopes of not having the grey show through.

Also, yes, it looks like it has 10 legs. The pattern calls for making 8 legs and 2 small "legs" (in quotes), as well as a teeny oddly shaped bit called fangs, attached above the small legs. I have no idea how this relates to the actual anatomy of an actual tarantula, and zero intention of looking into the matter further. Feel free to do so yourself if you want, but for the love of all things holy, do not share photos with me. Yuck.

Here are a few more shots of the finished tarantula.

Any questions?


Blogger Jennifer said...

No questions but WOW it is big. And beautiful. Great job!

5:47 PM, October 04, 2015  

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